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Welcome to BananaSZN, where we're not just navigating the web3 and metaverse terrain,

We are shaping it

Communityas a Service (CaaS)

At the heart of our approach lies our Community-as-a-Service (CaaS), a dynamic service where we foster vibrant communities from the ground up.

Turn your followers into engaged ambassadors of your brand

Developing Strategy

We develop a vision, strategy, and narrative for your community to drive a strong sense of purpose and align with your north stars. 

Event Creation

We plan and execute a variety of events, online or in person, intimate or conferences we can do it all.

Community Operations

We manage, engage, and grow your community daily on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and other platforms. We create meaningful content that brings value to your community. 

Running  Quests

We design and run quests, set up your rewards and incentive structure and boost your organic growth.

The People Making It Happen

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Sometimes known as Rox

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QA & Community

Forgot about evaporation

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Rick Roll Educator

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Brand & Design

Is 100% not a web developer

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Partnerships & Sales

Learned Rick Rolling in 2024

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Automation Lead

Formally known as t-dog


Our Services

Tech & Product Stack Blueprints

BananaSZN can help brands and communities build tech and product stack blueprints. This involves creating a detailed plan for the technological infrastructure needed to build and cultivate online communities.

Innovation Labs

BananaSZN operates an innovation lab focused on community, culture, and tech innovation. They utilize current and future technologies to explore new ideas and develop innovative solutions.

Partnerships & Sponsorship

BananaSZN works with brands to establish partnerships and sponsorships, possibly to leverage mutual benefits and resources. This can involve identifying potential partners, negotiating agreements, and managing ongoing relationships.

Community Management

BananaSZN facilitates and manages online communities, specifically through platforms like Discord. This can involve moderating discussions, fostering engagement, and ensuring the community is a safe and positive environment.

Community Analytics

BananaSZN provides community analytics to help brands understand their communities better. This can involve analyzing engagement, user behavior, and other key metrics to provide insights that inform strategy and decision-making.

Advisory Services

BananaSZN offers expert advice to brands, likely in areas related to community building, web3 technologies, and the metaverse. This can involve strategic planning, problem-solving, and thought leadership.

Storytelling Tools

BananaSZN provides tools to build any type of story, suggesting they offer resources or platforms to help brands, communities, or individuals create and share their narratives.

Education & Training

Webinars, workshops, or courses on web3 technologies, community management, and other relevant topics. Effective way to generate leads and build brand authority.

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